Overstitch: Endoscopic Suturing for Bariatric Revision

For those suffering from weight gain, especially those with preexisting conditions that interfere with weight loss, bariatric surgery can be the best possible option. However, as bariatric surgery rates increase, more and more patients are seeing weight gains in the years following a previously successful procedure. Endoscopic suturing for bariatric revision can be a simple way to adjust the outcome of a bariatric surgery procedure, putting patients back on the right track.

What Is a Bariatric Revision?

When bariatric surgery is performed, namely gastric bypass procedures, surgeons reduce the size of the stomach and intestines within the body, successfully reducing appetite and the ability to digest high quantities of food. However, over time, a patient who does not strictly follow diet rules may experience future weight gain, effectively stretching the stomach back to its pre-surgical size. When this occurs, the benefits of surgery are significantly minimized.

In order to address patients who have regained weight after bariatric surgery, surgeons now perform secondary procedures known as revisions to mitigate the changes to the body post-surgery. In many cases, this involves an additional surgery to reshape or shrink the stomach, reducing the damages done by an improper diet or natural stomach changes over time. Most of these procedures are endoscopic and minimally invasive, leading to a faster recovery than traditional surgeries. Historically, these procedures have included sclerotherapy and suction-based superficial suturing devices.

How OverStitch Can Help with Bariatric Revisions

OverStitch is an innovative development that involves endoscopic suturing for bariatric revision. A revolutionary alternative to previous revision processes, OverStitch allows for full thickness stitches in an endoscopic procedure, shrinking the size of the stomach once more and leading to better overall results in weight gain cessation and estimated weight loss after surgery. When compared to sclerotherapy, for instance, OverStitch patients saw a nearly 40% improvement in cessation of weight gain, with an average weight loss of 20.4% over 6 months.

In this process, a surgeon uses an endoscope, which is inserted into the mouth. The endoscope is then used to navigate to the stomach, where stitches are placed in order to reduce the size of the stomach, jump starting weight loss once more. This procedure is generally an outpatient process, with patients able to return home on the same day, thus avoiding the complications that can arise in a second laparoscopic surgery. With minimal side effects and a high level of patient comfort, surgeons around the world are taking advantage of this unique process to assist patients struggling once more with weight gain.

If you have undergone a successful gastric bypass surgery only to see results diminish over time, bariatric revision may be the best course of action for you. Low risk and highly effective, OverStitch can help you see weight loss progress once more with one simple procedure.

At Destination Weight Loss, we realize that weight loss surgery is a challenge, which is why we are always available to help you find the right solutions for your body and your life.

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