Non-Surgical Medical Weight Loss Options

Are you struggling to lose weight? You’re not alone. For many people, traditional dieting is not enough to help them to lose weight effectively. Understanding all of your medical weight loss options can open the door for new opportunities and advanced treatments to help you succeed.

For those significantly overweight or obese, surgical and non-surgical weight loss solutions are available to help you. At Destination Weight Loss, we offer numerous options to help you see significant results in the shortest time possible.

What Is the Difference in Surgical and Non-Surgical Weight Loss?

Weight loss surgery is a big decision, but it may be one of the best opportunities for you to lose a significant amount of weight, reduce complications of being overweight, and improve your overall quality of life. Both surgical and non-surgical medical weight loss options may be available to help.

Surgical Weight Loss Procedures

Several surgical procedures are available to many patients. These include:

These procedures work by limiting the amount of food you can eat and reducing the amount of calories and nutrients your body can consume. In these procedures, surgeons make small incisions in your abdomen to change the passage food takes through the body. These are considered invasive procedures, even though most are done laparoscopically.

Non-Surgical Weight Loss Options

We offer diet plans under the guidance of our nurse practitioner and physicians. And while you may think dieting and exercise are the only non-surgical solutions for losing excessive weight, that’s not the case. We offer two procedures that offer a much less invasive solution to weight loss. These procedures:

are some of the most impressive new weight loss options available today. They may fit your needs.

In these procedures, an endoscopic surgery occurs in which doctors can use an endoscope to place bariatric systems in place to encourage rapid weight loss. Here, doctors place an endoscope into your mouth and down into your stomach. Using this tool, which has numerous cameras and suturing elements within it, they can make changes to the stomach and upper intestine to alter the way food moves through your body, much in the same way as gastric bypass. However, there are no incisions made. This may reduce the risk of complications, speed up healing, and allow for better long-term results.

Finding the Right Medical Weight Loss Option for You

Surgical and non-surgical medical weight loss options like those offered at Destination Weight Loss empower patients to finally lose the weight they need to and significantly improve their quality of life. Contact us online or come in to speak to our doctors about your needs to learn whether these procedures are a good fit for you. We’re available to talk to you during a consultation today.

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