Turn up the Intensity on your Weight Loss Program

Turn up the Intensity on your Weight Loss ProgramOne thing your medical weight loss program will help you to realize is that losing weight requires a lot of long-term changes to your lifestyle habits. For many people this means finding a healthy routine and repeating it. This could entail eating the same healthy breakfast day after day, or going to the gym at the same time regularly. But there is one aspect of your weight loss program that will have to change regularly: your exercise routine. Over time increasing workout intensity will be necessary.

As you lose weight your body will begin to adjust to the intensity of your exercise routine. Over time the feelings of exertion that you experienced when you first started losing weight will dissipate. This is often a frustrating stage for many people, as it often coincides with a drop off in weight loss, known as a weight loss plateau. To overcome this plateau and continue with your efforts to lose weight you are going to need to boost your exercise intensity.

Here are a few simple ways to begin increasing workout intensity as you follow your weight loss program:

  • Spend less time chatting: Going to the gym at the same time every day or joining a workout class is a great way to make friends. However, when you start spending more time chatting and less time exercising you can stall your weight loss efforts. Keep your eye on the clock and make sure you are spending the right amount of time actually working out.
  • Mix up your workout routines: A good way to begin increasing workout intensity is to mix up your routine a bit. Adding a different form of activity multiple times a week so you can start engaging different muscles. Cardiovascular exercises like walking or jogging are great, but there are plenty of other ways that you can workout. Begin implementing strength training, yoga and fitness classes to your workout.
  • Train in intervals: Interval training has long been regarded as one of the premier ways to exercise and it is simple to introduce to any walking or jogging routine. After walking for ten minutes, boost the intensity and jog for five. Repeat this cycle until your workout is complete, and push yourself to increase the length of the intense intervals as time goes on.

Realizing the need to begin increasing workout intensity is a positive sign. It means that your body is adjusting to your weight loss efforts and is ready to take on more of a challenge. Adding intensity to your workout is a great way to excite your interest in exercise as you adjust to your routine. Just keep in mind; if you are just beginning to incorporate exercise into your ever day routine you won’t want to rush into anything too intense too quickly. Be sure to talk to your doctor about establishing realistic and safe guidelines for workout intensity.

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