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Power Foods for Weight Loss

As you begin planning changes that will help you lose weight, it’s a great idea to apply classical wisdom. Specifically, try making “quality over quantity” your new mantra. After all, the whole point of melting off those extra pounds is to lighten your load and make room for more living. Your weight loss surgery may […]

High-Fat Diet could Affect Sleep

Following your weight loss surgery, it is important to ensure that you are taking care of all aspects of your health, and following a healthy and well-balanced diet to optimize your weight loss. Sleep and weight loss are closely linked, how you sleep can greatly affect your weight loss. What you eat for dinner may […]

Drink Up: Water and Weight Loss

After weight loss surgery, it’s important to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Good old fashioned H2O is one of the most important things we can give our bodies, but many people don’t get the hydration they need. The human body is roughly 60 percent water and doesn’t function well when fluid levels run […]

Time for Tea

After getting weight loss surgery, you might feel like the list of things you can’t have gets longer and longer the more you think about it. Sugary beverages like sodas and juices are out of the question as they can fill you up on calories without giving you any nutritional benefit. Instead of concentrating on […]

After Weight Loss Surgery, Eat with Awareness

When it comes to your diet after weight loss surgery, the way you eat can be just as important as what you eat. You’ll need to focus on eating nutritious foods in smaller portions after weight loss surgery. It will also help to begin appreciating the healthy foods you eat and the benefits they have […]

The Trouble with Sugar

Recently, a lot of attention has been directed at just how devastating sugar can be for our health and wellbeing, and more people have started paying attention to how much sugar they are allowing in their own diets. Following weight loss surgery, many people make the choice to avoid sugar entirely to make sure they are […]

Reading Nutrition Labels for Weight Loss

What makes a food healthy? Is it the calorie content, the grams of fat or the amount of fiber? When you are making changes to your diet after weight loss surgery, this might become a question you ask yourself every time you shop for groceries. To buy healthy foods, you’ll take all nutrition facts into […]

What Makes a Nutritious Diet?

Our bodies demand a lot of nutrients to thrive. While you won’t have to eat so many calories to feel full after weight loss surgery, you’ll still need plenty of nutrients in your diet to function optimally. A nutritious diet is one that is rich in all of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that […]

Protein 101 after Weight Loss Surgery

The exact diet and lifestyle changes you will need to make after getting bariatric surgery will depend a great deal upon the type of weight loss surgery you’ve had, as well as a number of other lifestyle and environmental factors. However, one thing remains the same for just about every weight loss surgery patient: protein is […]

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