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The Truth About Common Exercise Myths

Information about the proper way to exercise is everywhere, so separating the exercise myths and facts can be a little tricky. You may have heard a few things about exercise that just aren’t true and may make your exercise routine less effective overall. To help with your weight loss efforts after bariatric surgery or during […]

No Sweat: Exercise without Exercising

Exercising can be helpful for reaching your weight loss goals after weight loss surgery, but with 80% of jobs in the United States being low activity or sedentary it’s hard for many of us to find the time to move on a consistent basis. How can you find ways to exercise without sweating or visiting […]

Shake Off the Weight

Sitting still is overrated, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Most of us sit still for far too long every day. We wake up in the morning after a night of lying still, only to walk out to our driveway and sit in the car as we drive to work. Once at work, […]

A Busy Mom’s Guide to Working Out

It is important for any mom interested in medical weight loss to take care of herself, so she can have the strength and energy required to keep up with her busy family. We have compiled some helpful workouts for busy moms who want to drop unwanted weight and are looking for ways to add exercise to […]

Lose Weight, Lift Weights

Many people are tempted to overlook strength training after having weight loss surgery. After all, if the goal of working out is to burn calories, it would seem the most effective workouts would be aerobic activities like walking, swimming or cycling. Besides, pumping iron is what you do to pack on muscle weight, not lose […]

Light Weights can make a Big Impact

With the rise in popularity of tough love reality TV shows like The Biggest Loser, a lot of people who are interested in weight loss surgery have the mantra ‘no pain, no gain’ stuck in their head. There are a number of misperceptions that are stuck in a lot of peoples’ heads when it comes […]

How to Start an Exercise Program

As you lose weight after weight loss surgery, you’ll be encouraged to make a collection of changes to your lifestyle. This will include changes to the foods you eat, the way you spend your free time and of course, your level of physical activity. Exercise is an important part of any health and wellness plan, […]

Adapting to Exercise after Weight Loss Surgery

Losing weight is about much more than just your diet. After weight loss surgery, you’ll need to devote yourself to a way of life that helps you keep off every pound you lose. Exercise after weight loss is an important part of necessary lifestyle change. Many people do not make a habit of exercise before […]

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