Setting Goals for Change during Weight Loss

Setting Goals for Change during Weight LossWeight loss surgery is a large step towards wellness, and a life changing event for many people. An important element of your decision for weight loss surgery is setting weight loss goals. Appropriate and realistic weight loss goals can keep you accountable and moving toward successful weight loss.

Making Changes for Weight Loss

Setting weight loss goals can help you overcome old, unhealthy patterns and help you develop new, healthier patterns.

Having a plan begins with visualizing the result that you want, defining your goals and setting a time-frame.

Some changes you’ll want to make during weight loss include:

  • Dietary changes. Your weight loss surgery will limit the amount of food you can eat, but it is up to you to choose foods that are beneficial to your body and diet, and to avoid foods that are not.
  • Implementing physical activity. In order to optimize your weight loss results, you’ll need to begin an exercise routine that you can incorporate into your daily activities.
  • Smoking and drinking habits. You’ll want to keep your body healthy and your mind clear. If you are a smoker you should consider quitting to optimize your health. Also, try and limit your alcohol intake.
  • Mental changes. If you have suffered with obesity for a long period of time, you may struggle with negative and low self-esteem. After your weight loss surgery, it is important to think positively to stay motivated.

The first step to making these changes is by setting weight loss goals for each change. When you first begin implementing weight loss goals you may feel a bit overwhelmed. For best results try these tips:

  • Make your goals specific
  • Write down your goals
  • Focus on one at a time
  • Be realistic
  • Set a time-frame

Be realistic when setting weight loss goals. Change takes time. Remember that you are in this weight loss journey for the long-haul. Learn from setbacks and disappointments and keep looking forward.

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