Protein 101 after Weight Loss Surgery

Protein 101 after Weight Loss SurgeryThe exact diet and lifestyle changes you will need to make after getting bariatric surgery will depend a great deal upon the type of weight loss surgery you’ve had, as well as a number of other lifestyle and environmental factors. However, one thing remains the same for just about every weight loss surgery patient: protein is absolutely essential. It improves your health, helps your body heal and keeps you strong as you lose weight.

What is Protein?

Protein is a macronutrient, meaning it is required in large amounts by our bodies. Protein is found in many different sources, including meat, dairy, nuts and legumes. The amino acids in protein are what make up our muscles, skin, bones, hair and teeth.

After bariatric surgery you aren’t going to be as hungry as you once were. As your body heals and you begin eating regular foods again you will find that you grow full very quickly after eating and that you are satisfied with exceptionally small portions. This restricted diet will help you lose weight, but you must do your part by making sure the foods you do eat are nutrient-dense and that you are getting the right amount of protein every day.

Your weight loss surgeon will tell you how much protein is ideal for you after your weight loss operation.

Protein Sources

The most common sources of protein are meat, fish and beans, but this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to protein sources. Aside from the main course of your meal, it is possible to get protein through valuable supplement resources.

Many protein supplements can be combined with water to give you the nutrients you need right from the start of your day. In fact, it is possible to replace one of your small meals after bariatric surgery with a protein rich shake that will fill you up and give you a head start on your protein consumption for the day.

Before trying any protein supplements you will need to first speak with your bariatric surgeon. Your surgeon can provide you with insight and tips into what protein supplements are best for your needs and how you should take them.

The leading forms of protein supplements come from all sorts of sources, including dairy, eggs, soy, hemp and rice. Talk to your weight loss surgeon to find out what protein supplements can become healthy components of your post-bariatric diet.

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