Obesity Bias an Unfortunate Reality

Obesity Bias an Unfortunate RealityBeing obese puts you at a disadvantage. Your health is compromised, you are subject to greater societal pressures and your own confidence and body image may suffer as a result of your excess weight. For help losing weight you can turn to your weight loss surgeon, but Albertville and Guntersville can still a hotbed of discrimination concerns.

Unfortunately, it is a reality for many overweight people that even after losing weight there is residual weight discrimination. After getting weight loss surgery, the Albertville and Guntersville area will be your playing ground—it is just up to you to put on the right mentality.

Understanding Obesity Discrimination

There is an old saying that we hate the most in others what we do not like in ourselves. Maybe that is why there is such a problem with discrimination against the obese in the United States. Despite the fact that a majority of Americans are overweight, there is a large trend of discrimination against the obese.

This discrimination can be subtle at times, presenting itself as a lack of sympathy when we find that an overweight friend is feeling ill or have expectations of laziness from obese coworkers. There are also blatant moral violations against the obese, like when a hospital in Texas posted an employment advertisement noting that the overweight need not apply.

This is an unfortunate reality that a lot of overweight people experience day in and day out. Jobs are harder to come by, health and life insurance policies are more difficult to obtain and your own friends and family may even treat you differently than you deserve.

As you are taking the steps to lose weight it is important that you acknowledge these factors in your own life. By being aware of these issues you can take steps to correct injustices and change perceptions as you develop a healthier lifestyle.

Residual Prejudice May Last Longer than the Weight

For a lot of Lap Band patients, obesity becomes a big aspect of who you are and how you think of yourself. After years of being unnoticed you may feel comfortable in the role of the wallflower and be taken back when you are thrust center stage.

This internalization of weight feeds a residual prejudice that is held by friends and family members. If you want to change how you are perceived then it is up to you to make a stand and take charge of your healthy new lifestyle.

As you are losing weight, build your self-confidence and learn to think like the healthy individual you are:

  • Look in the mirror, take a deep breath and compliment yourself every day. Don’t be generic, either. Find something specific you love about yourself and really tell yourself how great you are. This is a good chance to work on accepting compliments too. Tell yourself thank you with a big smile and leave it at that. When friends and relatives say how great you look this practice will have come in handy.
  • Think of physical pounds as mental rocks and as you lose them let them go. Your body will feel so much freer and lighter after losing over a hundred pounds. Don’t carry that weight around with you emotionally. When a pound is lost, say goodbye to it forever and let your old insecurities and grudges fall away with it.
  • Let your family and friends know how you are feeling. Involving your family in your weight loss efforts, or letting them know that you don’t want them involved in your weight loss efforts can make a big difference in how they perceive your progress.

Finding a support group can help you adjust through these transitions. Make the most out of your weight loss and overcome discrimination by staying positive and mentally strong.

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