How to Start an Exercise Program

How to Start an Exercise ProgramAs you lose weight after weight loss surgery, you’ll be encouraged to make a collection of changes to your lifestyle. This will include changes to the foods you eat, the way you spend your free time and of course, your level of physical activity.

Exercise is an important part of any health and wellness plan, especially one for long-term weight management. If you’ve exercised in the past, then you may already know what you like and how to go about engaging in certain activities. However, for those who aren’t accustomed to an exercise schedule, adding a new fitness routine into your life can be overwhelming.

Where do I start if I have never exercised?

  • Talk to your doctor. If you’re new to exercise, or it’s been a long time since you’ve taken on a workout, the first thing you should do is talk to your doctor. Find out about any potential health risks or physical limitations you may need to consider.
  • Add more activity into your daily life. Instead of joining a gym, start with small changes in your daily activity level. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park farther away at work every morning. Walk to lunch. Making a point to walk instead of drive as often as possible is a great way to start being more active.
  • Replace sedentary activities with moderate activity. If you usually watch TV after dinner, go for a short walk first. Consider spending part of your weekend at a park instead of in a restaurant. Think about ways you can live more actively as opposed to creating elaborate workout routines that will take time to learn.
  • Set short term, realistic goals. Don’t go crazy promising yourself that you’ll run a marathon. Start small with attainable goals like “I will be active for 20 minutes a day” or “I will take a walk every night after dinner.” Decide which activities you’ll add into your daily routine, and write them down as specific goals.
  • Review your goals. At the end of each week, evaluate how much activity you’ve added into your life. Set new goals for the upcoming week that build on your recent successes.

You don’t have to spend hours inside a gym to see the benefits of exercise. Use strategies like these to start small with creating a more active lifestyle.

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