Creating an Exercise Schedule for Weight Loss

Creating an Exercise Schedule for Weight LossExercise is an essential part of life, and after weight loss surgery it’s especially important. Scheduling time for exercise will help you stay on track with your weight loss and wellness goals. Treat an appointment at the gym or with your home exercise equipment like you would any other VIP appointment.

Your exercise time is yours and yours alone. Your body, not anyone else’s, will benefit – or fail to benefit – from the time you spend working out.

When you create your exercise schedule, set the appointment as “busy” on your calendar and keep that commitment to yourself. Not only will your self-esteem benefit, but your body will also thank you.

Here are some tips to creating an exercise schedule you can live with:

  • Examine the Big Picture – Sit down and consider your current daily routines. If you’re not sure where you spend your time now, it will be more difficult to figure out when to plan your exercise. When you know how your current time is being spent, you can see which pieces you may be able to change or rearrange to make time for a new workout routine.

Remember: while you can always make changes as you go, it’s great to start out with a plan that you feel you can really implement – and commit to – from the start.

  • Plan Ahead – Once you have your schedule, prepare what you can in advance to help yourself along. Pack your bag for the gym the night before or bring your exercise shoes to work so you can walk around the block on your lunch hour. Make sure you have the gear you need – water bottles, face towels or the right kind of socks. If you know you’ll want a healthy, post-workout snack, be sure to pack one.
  • Give Yourself Reminders – Whether it’s in Outlook, Gmail or an alarm you set in your phone, give yourself a reminder that you have an appointment you have to keep. Let your family and friends know of your plans so they can remind you if you happen to forget. If you have a workout buddy, make sure that person has your number so he or she can call you if needed.

Exercising can be fun when you start off the right way. By creating an exercise schedule you like and keeping your goals realistic, exercising can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of your life. Be sure to choose activities you like, as well as ones that challenge you when your body is ready. If you are in need of an added push or source of motivation, find a workout partner who can help hold you accountable to your goals.

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