Before Undergoing Any Kind of Weight Loss Surgery, Here’s What You Need to Know

Plus Size Woman Meeting With Doctor In SurgeryObesity is no secret, especially considering two out of every three adults are considered overweight or obese by medical standards. Individuals must weigh at least 20% more than the average recommended body weight for their height to be considered obese, and are at a much higher risk for heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Obesity is truly a problem, and for some people, traditional medical weight loss solutions just don’t cut it. So when patients have reached the point of considering surgery, there’s a lot of information to process before going in.

How does bariatric surgery work?

Bariatric surgery involves altering a patient’s stomach and/or intestinal tract to aid in the pursuit of weight loss. However, there are different types of weight loss surgery, and depending on a patient’s medical history and current situation, one could benefit them more than another. In addition, there are surgeries that involve implanting devices into a patient’s body, such as gastric sleeves and lap bands.

What is the success rate of bariatric surgery?

Results vary from patient to patient, but gastric bypass recovery time has yielded resolutions of up to 80% in diabetes and almost 90% in disorders such as sleep apnea. There are numerous lap band and gastric sleeve success stories as well, but most of the weight loss that comes after a bariatric surgery takes a year or more and requires constant, careful monitoring afterwards. Even after you’ve considered your weight loss surgery options, the journey to a healthy, confident body is one that you have to commit to in order to see success.

Are there any complications?

As with any kind of surgical procedure, there is a possibility that complications could arise. Lap band complications are more common than those present in gastric bypass surgeries, but not because the surgery is unsuccessful. Lap band complications usually arise from the device itself, and not as a result of the actual operation. These include deterioration of the lap band, as well as potential rupturing of the band and/or the lining of the stomach, which can result in a need for additional surgery. The most important thing to keep in mind is that with any surgical procedure, you need to know all of the risks alongside all of the benefits.

Nothing should stop you from the pursuit of the body and healthy life that you want. So why wait? Look into the right weight loss solution for you today.

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