After Weight Loss Surgery, Eat with Awareness

Workouts, Weight Loss and ZzzzsWhen it comes to your diet after weight loss surgery, the way you eat can be just as important as what you eat. You’ll need to focus on eating nutritious foods in smaller portions after weight loss surgery. It will also help to begin appreciating the healthy foods you eat and the benefits they have for your body.Mindful eating can help you adopt this positive approach to your diet.

The Benefits of Mindful Eating

Mindfulness, in a nutshell, means being mentally present in everything you do. Studies have shown that developing a greater awareness as you eat can help to reduce issues like emotional eating by tapping into your body’s natural cues on when to start and stop eating.

Because you’ll experience hunger and fullness differently after weight loss surgery, staying mindful of your eating habits can be especially beneficial as you adjust to your new lifestyle and diet after weight loss surgery.

Many people lose touch with the physical hunger cues provided by the body. We instead respond to thoughts about eating that may urge us to overeat or eat things we shouldn’t. Mindful eating helps you reconnect your body and mind as you eat, making it easier to appreciate your meals and stop before you go overboard.

To help yourself eat more mindfully, pay attention to:

  • Your food. Take note of every attribute of the foods you eat. Flavor, texture, appearance, nutrition—take the time to notice all of these important elements in every meal. Eat meals at a table and chew slowly and deliberately, focusing on each mouthful. It will be easier to appreciate your food if you cook it yourself, so prepare meals with fresh ingredients whenever possible. Though you’ll want to minimize distractions like electronics, sharing your meals with others and focusing conversation on the experience of the food you’re eating can help you be more mindful.
  • Your feelings. Sensations of hunger will be reduced after Lap Band surgery, but your body will still feel different before and after you eat. When you eat slowly, your body will have more time to tell you when it’s full—pay close attention to what this feels like, and the way that eating a healthy meal helps you feel more energized and invigorated. You can also be mindful of your emotional reactions to your meals. Embrace carefully following an appropriate diet after weight loss surgery and be proud of yourself. Embrace the satisfaction of eating the foods that help your body stay healthy.

The way you eat will be different after weight loss surgery, but it can still be a pleasure. Develop a greater awareness of your eating habits to help yourself adjust to your healthy new lifestyle.

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